Aerospace Industry Realities

The complex and varied nature of aerospace assemblies means that an ineffective measurement process will slow production time and compromise accuracy. Given the critical nature of aerospace manufacturing, less-than-perfect performance simply isn’t an option. The norm is 100 percent inspection and electronic data collection, and metrology solutions must be able to keep pace.

Complex Components

In aerospace applications, the requirements for accurate assemblies are strict. Every element in an engine or turbine must meet precise tolerances to ensure reliability. This goes beyond dimensional measurement—proper hardness, contour and surface roughness must be verified as well.

Time and Cost Restrictions

As regulatory requirements become stricter and production cycles become shorter, the aerospace industry must find ways to validate designs ahead of final assembly. Engineers rely on metrology techniques such as 3D modeling or with CAD comparison to prevent expensive rework and speed final production without compromising accuracy.

Mitutoyo and Aerospace

With best-in-class solutions for tactile, optical and form measurement, Mitutoyo helps the aerospace industry achieve reliability and traceability in every component, even when the stakes are high.

Accurate 3D measurement across a multitude of applications

Traceable standards to ensure quality from components around the world

Intuitive MeasurLink data management software to compile and analyze data accurately

Aerospace Measuring Instruments by Mitutoyo

Our advanced CMM systems, laser-optical scanning technology and software analysis techniques are ideal for the 3D measurement necessary for complex aerospace applications.
Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our best-in-class CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection of complex geometries

Form Measurement Machine

The sophisticated and versatile Mitutoyo form measuring solutions are ideal for accurately assessing complex geometry of parts

Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily and accurately collect and manage your measurements using the Mitutoyo data management system, MeasurLink®

Vision Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo offers highly accurate vision systems made of high quality components in a range of sizes

Bringing Precision to Powerful Aerospace Engines

ITP Engines recognized the need for advanced quality control equipment to increase production of aero-engine components without causing bottlenecks. See how a custom-integrated solution from Mitutoyo helped enhance precision and streamline throughput.

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