EH Counter – Multi-Function Type

The Mitutoyo EH Counter is a multi-function, multi-feature display with models available to utilize almost any Mitutoyo gage. 

Features & Benefits

The multi-function display abilities of the Mitutoyo EH Counter delivers excellent versatility for a range of measuring and display applications. Equipped with zero-setting, presetting and tolerance judgement which sets the displayed value at any position of the spindle, making multiple measurements faster without losing accuracy. The dual input model can also add or subtract gages.  USB output allows connection to the optional SENSORPAK live-reading software. 

  • Preset function sets display at any value with counting beginning at the preset value
  • Multifunctional counter equipped with zero-setting, presetting and Go/No-Go judgment
  • RS-232C and USB are equipped as standard, making data transfer to a PC possible*
  • A multi-point (max. 12 points) measuring system can easily be configured with the built-in RS link networking function
  • Panel-mountable DIN size allows for easy system integration
  • Peak mode feature: Max, Min, and TIR (can be toggled)
  • Compatible gage heads (depending on model) include: LG, LGB, LGD, LGE, LGF, LGK, LGM, LGS, or SPC output gages
  • Go/No-Go LED

*USB is supported only by optional Mitutoyo SENSORPAK software

Display: Sign plus 8 digits (Green LED)
Operating Humidity Condition Range: RH20 to 80% (no condensation)
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40˚C
Power Consumption: 8.4W (max 700mA), verify 1A is available per unit
Storage Humidity Range: RH 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature Range: -10 to 50˚C
Tolerance Judgement: Yes
Data output: Analog, Digimatic, Go/NG, I/O, RS-232C, USB
Dimensions: 144x72x156.7mm
Display-Tolerance Judgement: LED on display (3 steps: amber, green ,red; 5 steps: amber, amber flashing, green, red flashing, red)
External Control: Hold, Hold per axis, Open-collector or no-voltage contact signal, Peak mode, Peak reset, Preset
Order No.: Product Image: Model: Applicable gage: Data Input: Gage Capacity: Mass: Max Resolution: Number of Axes Displayed: Number of Gage Inputs: Optional Accessories:
542-071A - EH-102P LGE, LGF, LGB, LGK, LGM, LG TTL 2 800g 0.000005" / 0.1µm 2 2 -
542-072A - EH-102D LGD, LGS, ID, SD, Gages with SPC output Digimatic 2 800g 0.00002" / 0.5µm 2 2 -
542-073A - EH-102Z LGF with Ref Point TTL w/Ref 2 800g 0.000005" / 0.1µm 2 2 -
542-074A - EH-102S AT103, AT112, AT113, AT116, ST46-EZA-C Sine 2 900g 0.000005" / 0.1µm 2 2 -
542-075A - EH-101P LGE, LGF, LGB, LGK, LGM, LG TTL 1 760g 0.000005" / 0.1µm 1 1 -