EJ Counter – Modular, Multi-Function, Multiple Input Type

The Mitutoyo EJ Counters are modular in design with the ability to be mounted in a series for multiple gage feedback.

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Features & Benefits

The industrial interface-mounted compact Mitutoyo EJ Counter modular units are DIN mountable for constant data monitoring and positional management of linear gages. The EJ Counters can be stacked in a series for multiple reference and data points and connected to a computer via an industrial interface or USB cable.

  • Enables sum difference operations between two gages connected to the same counter
  • Includes functions such as tolerance judgment and peak hold
Data Input: TTL w/Ref (10 pin)
Mass: 120g
Max Resolution: 0.000005" / 0.1┬Ám
Order No.: Product Image: Model: Remarks: Optional Accessories: Required Accessories:
542-081 - EJ-102NE - -
542-081A - EJ-102NE includes AC adapter components -