Benefits of the Mitutoyo Form Measurement Solutions

The meticulous construction and accuracy of the Mitutoyo form measurement solutions make them ideal for efficiently assessing complex shapes of all kinds: radiused or cylindrical, smooth or ridged contours, flat or compound curved.

Solutions for Every Need

Mitutoyo produces compact handheld instruments, tabletop models, high-precision floor models and custom solutions to suit form measurement applications of almost any size.

Automated Measurement

Many of our form measuring instruments include advanced CNC control functions, which allow for high volume, faster throughput and increased efficiency.

Cross-Functional Instruments

By combining multiple form measuring capabilities into a single system, we can help you achieve precision as well as cost and space-savings.

Greater Stability and Accuracy

We offer advanced models designed using the finite element method (FEM), which allows for straighter guide elements and greater vibration reduction.

Effortless Operation

With models featuring large LCD screens, simple zero-setting function and an intuitive user interface, our form measurement solutions are designed for ease of use.

Optical Shaft Measurement

Easily solve any of the most typical measurement problems including dimensional, position, and form measurements both in
static and dynamic mode.

A Full Range of Form Measurement Solutions

We offer both compact manual instruments and high-precision motorized models to help you comply with the most stringent standards and strictest tolerances.
Surface Roughness

High precision and high performance skid and skidless type surface roughness testers


Mitutoyo Contour measuring systems are easy to use and measure a wide range of workpieces


Mitutoyo roundness measuring instruments deliver world-class rotational accuracy and industry-leading precision for roundness and cylindricity measurement


Mitutoyo Dual Type contour and surface roughness measuring systems combine two key form measuring capabilities for more efficient inspection