Mitutoyo Hardness Tester Benefits

Using the most advanced techniques and materials available, Mitutoyo hardness testing solutions deliver unmatched accuracy, stability, measurement reproducibility and quality.

All Major Measurement Types

We offer a range of testers, from durometers for plastics to other hardness testers that suit almost any measurement type: Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, Shore, Leeb, microhardness, case depth, ASTM, automatic measurement and more.

Tailored for Your Needs

From large workbench systems to convenient handheld devices, our hardness testers come in a range of sizes and accuracy levels to suit almost any application.

Exceptional Accuracy

Our solutions perform both multi-point and average hardness evaluations with unparalleled precision and reliability.

Increased Efficiency

The fully automatic hardness testing systems from Mitutoyo allow for greater ease of use and improved overall throughput.

A Full Range of Hardness Testing Equipment

Mitutoyo provides highly accurate hardness testing equipment for the five most important types of hardness measurement — as well as advanced models that can perform multiple testing processes.
Micro Hardness Testers

Mitutoyo micro hardness testers are simple to control for measuring small, thin samples with high accuracy

Rockwell Hardness Testers

Mitutoyo Rockwell hardness testers offer a range of test forces and automation for any application

Portable Hardness Testers

Mitutoyo portable hardness testers bring easy, accurate hardness test measurements almost anywhere

Featured Resource

Finding the right hardness tester can prove challenging with so many options and testing methods available. We made it easy to find a tester best suited for your needs with our white paper, where you’ll find product features, technical data and much more.

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Software Solutions

Our AVPAK software solution rapidly captures and analyzes hardness results, producing accurate data in as little as 0.3 seconds.

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Our resource library is your one-stop shop for the metrology, measurement and quality assurance information you need to improve your business.

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Calibration and Repair

The metrology experts at Mitutoyo provide service and support through the entire lifecycle of your hardness testing solution, bringing more accuracy and consistency to your applications.

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