Benefits of Mitutoyo Sensor Systems

Using multiple measurement technologies, our sensor probes are available in a complete range of sizes, ranges and resolutions. Our solutions deliver the utmost in versatility, accuracy and reliability. We bring trusted precision that fits the needs of your measuring applications, both offline and in-process.

Laser Ranges

Our high-performance, non-contact sensor systems can accommodate workpieces of varying sizes, with workpiece diameter capacities ranging from 0.00020 inches to 6.3 inches.

High Durability

With their robust design, durable linear ball bearings and an extended life exceeding 100 million cycles, our linear gages are ideal for use in harsh environments.

Exceptional Accuracy

Our sensor systems feature high-resolution lasers with scanning rates as high as 3,200 scans/sec. They deliver the utmost accuracy — as low as 0.3 m for non-contact gages and 0.1µm for contact gages.

Solutions for Any Application

We produce a wide range of both contact and non-contact sensor systems, providing reliable, precise measurements for even delicate or vibrating workpieces.

Seamless PC SPC

Our dedicated sensor software solutions allow operators to export data from multiple sensors to distributed SPC systems, quickly and accurately.

A Full Range of Sensor Systems

Mitutoyo provides advanced sensory measurement solutions for workpieces of all types: large or small, fragile or durable. Our laser scan micrometers enable rapid data transfer and more precise measurement.
Linear Gage / Mu Checker Probes

Find Linear Gauge products made by a worldwide leader in linear gage manufacturing

The Mitutoyo EJ Counter
Linear Gage Counters

Mitutoyo linear gage counters make obtaining accurate and usable data from linear gages easier

Laser Scan Micrometers

Laser Scan Micrometers deliver exceptional repeatability, accuracy, resolution and durability

Laser Scan Micrometer Display Units

LSM display units provide statistical analytics supporting the precise measurements of our advanced laser scan micrometers

Featured Resource

Understanding the advantages and drawbacks of using non-contact sensors can help you make a more informed decision on choosing the type of sensor that’s right for you. In this webinar, we discuss the different types of non-contact sensors as well as the methods used by manufacturers today.

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Software Solutions

Our SENSORPAK® analysis software and MeasurLink quality management system enable more accurate and intuitive data processing and analysis.

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Our resource library is your one-stop shop for the metrology, measurement and quality assurance information you need to improve your business.

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Repair and Calibration

The metrology experts at Mitutoyo provide service and support through the lifecycle of your sensor system, bringing more accuracy and consistency to your applications.

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