Benefits of Mitutoyo Optical Measurement Systems

Our best-in-class optical measuring tools include measuring microscopes and profile projectors and allow users to accurately measure features down to the micron level. High numerical apertures and high-accuracy scales enable best-in-class accuracy and intuitive non-contact measurement.

Efficient Performance

Our microscope objectives offer long working distances and high resolution, improving performance and accuracy while making tasks easier for operators.

Sub-Micron Resolution

With highly stable microscope bodies, high-performance linear scales and vision auto-focus capability, our measuring microscopes deliver strict accuracy and repeatable measurement.

Solutions for Any Size

We offer optical measuring instruments in a wide variety of measuring-stage sizes that can accommodate almost any workpiece — including the largest field of view in their class.

Flexible Optical Measurement

The long working distance objectives of our solutions are designed to account for near-ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

Precise Glass Scales

Our measuring microscopes include glass scales that have undergone high-level graduation, resulting in measuring accuracies of (2.2 + 0.02L) m or less.

A Full Range of Optical Measurement Solutions

Our measuring microscopes and other optical measurement solutions are available with a rich variety of stage sizes, magnification levels and eyepieces.
The high-performance optical comparator profile projectors from Mitutoyo deliver the clear, reliable images needed to accurately measure a variety of workpieces. See the wide range of Mitutoyo optical comparators and profile projectors at
Profile Projectors and Optical Comparators

Mitutoyo profile projectors create crystal clear images for high accuracy optical measurement applications


Mitutoyo measuring and toolmaker’s microscopes deliver class-leading performance and accuracy

Vision Unit

Mitutoyo vision unit retrofits onto microscopes enabling a variety of functions for faster measurements

FS70 Microscope Head

The Mitutoyo series of FS70 microscope heads for semiconductor inspection function as optimum compact microscope units for semiconductor probe stations

Video Microscope Unit

Mitutoyo video microscope units are lightweight, easy-to-install devices for CCD camera monitoring of semiconductor fabrications

Infinity Corrected Microscope Objectives

Mitutoyo infinity corrected microscope objectives provide flexible observation at high magnifications for better workpiece observation

Portable Optical Inspection

Mitutoyo portable optical inspection devices offer broad functionality and fast, accurate measurements anywhere

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Repair and Calibration

The metrology experts at Mitutoyo provide service and support through the lifecycle of your optical measurement solution, bringing more accuracy and consistency to your applications.

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