Benefits of a Mitutoyo Vision Measurement System

Ideal for non-contact measurements of workpieces and high-throughput production, Mitutoyo Vision Measurement Systems offer faster and more accurate edge detection, pattern recognition and measurements. Our vision systems are built with high-quality components to exacting Mitutoyo standards, providing better durability and machine longevity for high accuracy measurements on the shop floor or in other production environments.

Ultra-High Resolution

The sub-pixel image processing capabilities of our vision measurement solutions allow for higher-resolution images, with some models offering 0.25µm accuracy.

Rapid Processing

With exceptional throughput capabilities, our vision measuring systems achieve sample rates of hundreds of thousands of data points in just seconds.

3D Non-Contact Scanning

Using a variety of lighting options, including white light interferometers (WLI's), our vision measuring systems can take highly accurate 3D measurements in space-restricted areas.

Versatile Probe Options

Along with a built-in high-performance camera, some machines also support optional touch-trigger and scanning contact probes for features that can’t be inspected by vision alone.

The Mitutoyo QV Hyper stands on its own as a Vision Measuring Machine

Seamlessly Integrated Software

Our vision measurement solutions are supported by a robust software suite, including our SPC package: MeasurLink®, QV3DCAD for creating part programs from CAD models, and MSURF® point cloud data measuring software.

Diverse Measurement Methods

We deploy the latest optical measurement techniques and sensors to improve efficiency and accuracy, such as tracking auto focus (TAF), chromatic position sensors (CPS) and points from focus (PFF).

A Full Range of Vision Measurement Solutions

Our vision measurement systems are expertly manufactured in-house for a wide variety of sizes and accuracy classes — so you can find the perfect solution for your application.
Digital Profile Projectors

Mitutoyo Quick Scope and Quick Image systems are simple to operate, easy to use with unique features


The Mitutoyo CNC Quick Vision machines are highly accurate, flexible, and feature rich

CNC Scanning

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision CNC scanning machines provide high speed non-contact 3D measurements

Micro Form Touch Probe

The UMAP Vision System uses Mitutoyo proprietary sensing technology and equipped with an ultra low force probe