Benefits of Mitutoyo Digital and Linear Scales

Mitutoyo linear scales provide the world-class shock resistance, measurement accuracy and versatility needed for your most stringent applications.

Ultimate Durability

Our proprietary electromagnetic induction method allows us to produce shockproof, vibration-resistant and waterproof linear scales.

Strict Accuracy

With an available measuring accuracy of 2m and overspeed error prevention, our scales capture coordinate positioning with unmatched precision.

Streamlined Measuring

Multi-point elastic fixing features allow for smoother expansion and contraction of our digital and linear scales.

User-Friendly DROs

Our digital read-out (DRO) systems and EC counters have easy-to-read LED displays to help you quickly record accurate measurements.

A Full Range of Digital and Linear Scales

With an extensive line of standard, economy, high-accuracy and high-speed models available, we have a digital scale solution for practically any application and budget.
Digimatic Scale Units

Mitutoyo offers a complete family of digital scales that are ideal for different applications in harsh environments

DRO Retrofit Package

DRO Retrofit Packages couple linear scales with a dedicated DRO to detect and display displacements on manual machines

General Purpose Linear Scales/Counters

Digimatic Scale Units are available in many different types to enable incremental comparison measurements

Feedback Linear Scales

Feedback Linear Scales detect linear displacements and output the data to an external digital counter for precise machine positioning

Featured Resource

In this white paper, we detail linear scale systems and give you an in depth look at a wide range of scale types and their specifications.

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Repair and Calibration

The metrology experts at Mitutoyo provide service and support through the lifecycle of your digital scale solution, bringing more accuracy and consistency to your applications.

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