Automotive Industry Realities

The automotive industry’s metrology needs vary widely, encompassing dimensional and form measurement, near-line and in-line applications, complex geometries and physical and automated inspection. Manufacturers must find reliable, tailored products and solutions to gather the measurement data they need—and seamless ways to integrate and analyze it.

Shrinking Production Cycles

As design-to-production cycles shrink and automotive components become more sophisticated, manufacturers must find a way to increase throughput and efficiency without compromising the comfort, safety or capability of the vehicles they produce.

Multiple Integrations

Testing the various components in today’s connected vehicles requires a broad range of measurement solutions, from precision hand tools to large CMMs, vision measurement systems and data management. To accurately evaluate a vehicle, manufacturers must seamlessly integrate data from these disparate products and solutions.

Mitutoyo’s Expertise

Mitutoyo is proud to be the metrology partner of automotive manufacturers around the world. Our broad range of solutions includes instruments for almost any measuring need, integrated through our MeasurLink® data-management software.

Full range of solutions: near-line and in-line, contact and non-contact

Automated measurement to improve repeatability and speed throughput

Coordinated software to integrate and analyze measurement data

Automotive Measurement Solutions by Mitutoyo

Whether a vehicle component requires advanced 3D geometry analysis or handheld dimensional measurement, Mitutoyo’s automotive measuring systems deliver exceptional precision.
Form Measurement Machine

The sophisticated and versatile Mitutoyo form measuring solutions are ideal for accurately assessing complex geometry of parts

Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily and accurately collect and manage your measurements using the Mitutoyo data management system, MeasurLink®

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our best-in-class CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection of complex geometries

Vision Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo offers highly accurate vision systems made of high quality components in a range of sizes

Optical Measurement

Our high-resolution microscopes and profile projectors measure minuscule electronic components with high accuracy and repeatability

Sensor Systems

Mitutoyo probes, linear gages and laser micrometers are fast, high-accuracy solutions suitable for a wide range of applications

Using the most advanced techniques and materials available, Mitutoyo hardness testing solutions deliver unmatched accuracy, stability, measurement reproducibility and quality.
Test Equipment

The accurate, user-friendly testing equipment solutions from Mitutoyo set the industry benchmark for most standardized testing methods

Linear Encoders and DRO Systems

Mitutoyo digital and linear measurement equipment deliver ultimate precision to machine tool applications

The Total Package for Automotive Metrology

For this major manufacturer of automotive drivetrains and transmissions, a turnkey solution was needed to reliably handle 3D coordinate measuring, roundness testing and surface finish assessment. Find out how the team at Mitutoyo delivered.

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