The Mitutoyo LSM-500S series Laser Scan Micrometer combines high-rate scanning with highly accurate measurements for a wide range of applications including ultra-fine wiring.

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Features & Benefits

The high scanning rate (3200 scans/sec) and non-contact measuring process enables the Mitutoyo LSM-500S series of laser scan micrometers to provide highly accurate measurements on small, fragile workpieces at high temperatures, even when the target is vibrating or in motion. This capability makes the LSM-500S series ideal for measuring in high-speed production lines.

  • Capable of measuring outside diameter down to 5μm 
  • Provides ultra-high accuracy of ±0.3μm over the entire measuring range (5μm to 2mm)
  • An IP64-rating resists rough measurement environments allowing it to operate at high temperatures


Order No.: Product Image: Laser Classification: Applicable Laser Standards: Laser Wavelength: Operating Humidity Condition Range: Operating Temperature Range: Scanning Rate: User's manual: Accuracy: IP Rating: Laser Scanning Speed: Max Range: Min Resolution: Max Resolution: Resolution Range: Measuring Range: Measuring Area: Min Range: Protection Level: Positional Error: Repeatability: Optional Accessories: Required Accessories:
544-532 - Visible (650nm), IEC Class 2/FDA Class II IEC, FDA 650 nm RH35 to 85% (no condensation) 0 to 40˚C 3200 scans/second English 0.000012" / ±0.3µm IPIP64 76 m/s 0.08" /2mm 0.000001" / 0.01µm 0.0005" / 10µm 0.000001-0.0005" / 0.01-10µm 0.0002-0.08" / 0.005-2mm 1x2mm 0.0002" / 0.005mm IP64 ±0.4µm ±0.03µm -