The Mitutoyo LSM-6902H laser-based measuring system demonstrates the best repeatability available in the 25mm/1 in. class.


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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo LSM-6902H laser scan micrometer utilizes an ultra-precise scanner motor for high measurement accuracy which is ideal for delicate or moving workpieces. The LSM-6902H series is an excellent option for measuring pin or plug gages.

  • Excellent linearity provides accuracy of ±0.5μm over the entire measuring range and a higher accuracy of ±(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm over a narrow range
  • Measurement modes include standby, single measurement and continuous measurement for added versatility
  • The LSM-6902H system consists of a measuring unit and a display unit
Order No.: Product Image: Laser Classification: Applicable Laser Standards: Laser Wavelength: Operating Humidity Condition Range: Operating Temperature Range: Scanning Rate: User's manual: Type: Averaging Method: Averaging Times: Display: Segment: Judgement Options: Laser Scanning Speed: Max Range: Min Resolution: Max Resolution: Resolution Range: Measurement Modes: Measuring Range: Measuring Area: Min Range: Small Range Accuracy: Narrow Range Accuracy: Whole Range Accuracy: Narrow Range Repeatability: Whole Range Repeatability: Optional Accessories: Required Accessories:
544-499-1A - Visible (650nm), IEC Class 2/FDA Class II IEC, FDA 650 nm RH35 to 85% (no condensation) 0 to 40˚C 3200 scans/second English Inch/mm Arithmetic average: 8 to 2048 scans. Moving average: 32 to 2048 scans Arithmetic average: per 1 to 2048/Moving average: 32 to 2048 16-digit (upper column) + 7 segment 11-digit (lower column), guidance LEDs 1 to 7 (1 to 3, transparent) or 1 to 255 edges Select from target value+tolerance, lower & upper tolerance, or 7 step multi-limit tolerance zones 226 m/s 1" /25mm 0.000001" / 0.01µm 0.005" / 10µm 0.000001-0.0005" / 0.01-10µm Standby, single measurement continuous measurements 0.004-1" / 0.1-25mm ±0.6x1.0" / ±1.5x25mm 0.004" / 0.01mm ±(0.000012+0.001ΔD)" / ±(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm ±(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm ±0.000020" / ±0.5µm ±0.0000012" / Ø10mm / ±0.03µm ±0.0000018" / ±0.045µm -