EJ Counter Software

The Mitutoyo EJ Counter software is a free download and gives the ability to set up parameters on EJ Counters (and other counters) which was not possible using SENSORPAK.

Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo EJ Counter software has all the popular features of SENSORPAK but also has the ability to set up counters. The software is a free download and can set up units, resolution, button lockout, tolerances and even I/O settings on a variety of Mitutoyo counters.

  • Software is true plug-and-play and automatically starts after free download
  • Most live reading features are about the same as SENSORPAK
  • CSV output for sending data into Excel is still available
Order No.: Applicable gage: Display Types: Function: Gage Capacity: PC Requirement:
EJ Software EJ Counter w/Interface Counter, Bar Graph, Meter, Chart Display type selection, Tolerance Judgement, Go/No-go (3 or 5 step), Trigger function, Timer, CSV file output, Calculation items: sum, difference, total, average, max, min, range, multiplier, Max 18 gage input 18 OS: Windows 10 Pro 32-bit or 64-bit version, Display resolution: 1600 × 1200 or better, RAM: 1024 MB or more, Communication protocol: USB 2.0 (Full speed), USB connector: Type C, Standard Windows drivers are used for the, USB device driver, USB cable is optional