Litematic – Motorized, All-in-One, Contact Gage / Low-Force Option

The Mitutoyo Litematic Contact Gage provides constant measuring force for high-accuracy inspection of many workpieces.  Standard and low force models are available.  


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Features & Benefits

When measuring easily deformed workpieces, the Mitutoyo Litematic offers ultra-high precision measurement with extra-low measuring force. The Litematic is ideal for measuring materials such as rubber, plastic, film, sheet metal, semiconductors, medical specimens, and other difficult-to-measure components. Standard force models work extremely well for applications where speed and constant force measurements are required. This increases repeatability and reproducibility between operators. 

  • Standard Force Units (0.15N and 1N types) are capable of measuring at a certain measuring force by using a Litematic feature, while the 0.01N type is suitable for measuring delicate workpieces
  • The spindle’s low thermal-expansion properties and extremely durable ceramic measuring table minimizes the effect of temperature variation during use
  • The motor-driven spindle stops when the contact point touches the workpiece and can then measure the maximum, minimum or difference values using a constant force
  • High resolution down to 0.01μm (0.5 µinch), and wide measuring range of 50mm (2”) for accurate measurements of various types of workpieces
  • Measuring system VL-50-B (integrated display type), and VL-50S-B (separate display type) are available
  • The measuring table supplied with VL-50-B is ceramic and corrosion-free for easier maintenance and storage
  • Weight set and stand are optional accessories available


Display: 8 digits/14mm (.6") character height (without signs)
Max Measuring Speed: 4 mm/sec
Min Measuring Speed: 2 mm/sec
Max Travel Speed: 8 mm/sec
Min Travel Speed: 2 mm/sec
Accuracy: ±(0.5+L/100)µm
Accuracy Guaranteed Temperature: 20±1 ˚C
Power Consumption: 12W (12V, 1A)
Max Resolution: 0.00005" / 1µm
Min Resolution: 0.0000005" / 0.01µm
Position Detection Method: Reflective-type linear encoder
Repeatability: 0.05µm
Stroke: 51.5mm
Data output: Digimatic, RS-232C
Order No.: Product Image: Dimensions: Measuring Force: Measuring Range: Measuring Table Diameter: Worktable: Range: Optional Accessories:
318-221A 202x300x380.2mm 0.01N - 100 Zirconia Ceramic 0-2" / 0-50mm -
318-222A - 202x300x380.2mm 0.15N - 100 Zirconia Ceramic 0-2" / 0-50mm -
318-223A - 202x300x380.2mm 1N - 100 Zirconia Ceramic 0-2" / 0-50mm -
318-226A - 0.01N 2" / 50mm - - - -
318-227A - - 0.15N 2" / 50mm - - - -
318-228A - - 1N 2" / 50mm - - - -