Dial Gage Stands

The Mitutoyo dial gage stands is designed for comparison measurements of size using a dial or Digimatic indicator.

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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo gage stand provides a solid, durable platform to perform dial accurate, repeatable comparison measurements with indicators and Digimatic indicators. A parallel spring suspension design allows for vertical fine adjustment with one-touch control.

  • Available with optional serrated, flat and square anvils constructed of hardened steel
  • Parallel spring suspension for fine vertical adjustment
  • Simple, accurate one-touch control


Order No.: Product Image: Remarks: Stem hole diameter: Mass: Optional Accessories:
7001-10 Serrated anvil 8, 9.53mm 4g 101461, 101463, 101462
7002-10 Flat anvil 8, 9.53mm 4g 101461, 101463, 101462
7007-10 Square anvil 8, 9.53mm 5g 101461, 101462