Unmatched Accuracy for Diverse Workpieces

The high magnification capabilities of the Quick Vision series’ optical lenses enable accurate measurement of even microscopic features, with no risk of workpiece damage. The series includes models across a wide spectrum of measuring ranges and accuracies, with magnifications ranging from 13X to 4,800X and standard autofocus capabilities.

Full traceability and calibration across national standards
High-performance, multifunctional QVPAK® software
Multi-sensor design for flexible measurement
Touch-trigger probes to support measurement of diverse workpieces

Product Series

Quick Vision Active

Compact, high-speed CNC Vision Measuring System

Quick Vision Ultra

Ultra-high accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System

Quick Vision ACCEL

Large-format, moving bridge CNC Vision Measuring System

Quick Vision Apex Pro

High-accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System equipped with StrobeSnap for high-speed measurements

Quick Vision Hyper Pro

High-accuracy, non-contact 3D Vision Measuring System with StrobeSnap