Quick Vision Hyper Pro Hybrid Type 4

The Quick Vision Hyper Hybrid Pro Type 4 vision measuring machine uses a dual scanning system with a non-contact displacement sensor and scanning function that enables measurement of minute height differences and 3D shapes at high speeds.

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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Hyper Hybrid Type 4 features a dual measuring system that uses a high-resolution camera and non-contact displacement sensor to scan and measure minute steps and curved surfaces at high speeds. The proprietary Mitutoyo double-pinhole technique is used for the displacement sensor’s detection method. Compared to the knife-edge and triangulation techniques, this method has the advantage of a more optimal chromatic point sensor angle.

  • Strobesnap reduces measurement times for most measurement samples regardless of measurement position continuity by approximately 35 to 45%
  • Strobesnap is highly compatible with part programs, allowing you to create high-speed measurement part programs with simple operations
  • The optional Stream function realizes amazingly high throughput by non-stop measurement that synchronizes the main unit drive with the strobe lighting
  • Optional Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) quickly focuses on an object, improving throughput significantly
  • Temperature compensation for higher accuracy
  • Non-contact displacement sensor (CPS probe) uses the wavelength conofocal method
  • Auto-brightness control and the use of LEDs as a light source allows the chromatic point sensor to perform measurements that are minimally affected by reflectivity variations on the workpiece
  • The heights of two surfaces within the measuring range can be detected simultaneously making it possible to support measurements of the thickness of thin, transparent objects
  • The accuracy of this model conforms to ISO10360-7:2011 (specifications on request)
Technology: CNC VMM
Scale Resolution: 0.0000007874" / 0.00002mm
Environment: 68°F / 20°C
CPS Spot Diameter: 4µm
Camera Type: B&W CMOS
Field of View: 0.0016 x 0.0012 - 0.4937 x 0.3701" / 0.04 x 0.03 - 12.54 x 9.4mm
Zoom Type: Internal Turret
Magnification: 16x - 4800x
Illumination System: -
Required Air Pressure: 0.3 Mpa - 0.9 Mpa
Touch Trigger Probe: Special order
Color Lighting: No
Optical 3D Scanning (PFF): Optional
Laser Tracking Autofocus (TAF): No
Stream: Optional
Vibration Stand: Optional
Order No.: Model: Range X-Axis: Range Y-Axis: Range Z-Axis: Workpiece Max Load: Mass (incl. stand and controller): Dimensions:
365-605 QVH4A-H302P1L-E (Hyper 302 Pro Hybrid Type 4) 12" / 300mm 8" / 200mm 8" / 200mm 33lbs / 15kg 33lbs / 15kgs 37 x 34 x 41" (930 x 866 x 1047mm)
365-615 QVH4A-H404P1L-E (Hyper 404 Pro Hybrid Type 4) 16" / 400mm 16" / 400mm 10" / 250mm 66lbs / 30kg 66lbs / 30kgs 56 x 44 x 54" (1426 x 1118 x 1381mm)
365-625 QVH4A-H606P1L-E (Hyper 606 Pro Hybrid Type 4) 24" / 600mm 26" / 650mm 10" / 250mm 88lbs / 40kg 88lbs / 40kgs 79 x 55 x 62" (1994 x 1400 x 1572mm)