Maximum Durability and Flexibility

The internal optical design of Mitutoyo’s linear gages allows for longer measuring ranges with higher accuracies and faster communication than traditional probes and indicators. Mitutoyo’s linear gages are available with a wide variety of measuring ranges and resolution settings, as well as optical, LVDT and electromagnetic encoder options. With strong construction, durable linear ball-bearings and high-density design, these solutions are ideal for in-line measurement even in harsh or hazardous environments.

High IP-rated protection against dust and fluid ingress
Longer measuring ranges than traditional probes and indicators: from .2" to 4"
Compact design for confined spaces like gang gaging
Resolutions from .001" to 1 nanometer
High-speed output, ideal for in-line or automated applications

Product Series

Linear Gage LGK: Slim, Heavy-Duty, Optical Sensor

Slim, heavy-duty, optical sensor with resolution from 0.1μm (5 μin), 0.5μm (20 μin), or 1μm (50 μin)

The Mitutoyo Linear Gage LG100
Linear Gage LG100: Heavy-Duty, Optical Sensor

Best-in-class precision and environmental resistance for inline or measurement cell use

Linear Gage LGB: Slim, General Purpose, Optical Sensor

The LGB slim sensor linear gage offers a resolution to 1μm (50 μin)

Linear Gage LGB2: Slim, w/Clamp Nut, General Purpose, Optical Sensor

The Mitutoyo Linear Gage LGB2 Slim with clamp nut offers resolution of 1μm (50 μin)

Linear Gage LG: Long Range, Heavy-Duty, Optical Sensor

Long range Optical Sensor with resolution from 0.1μm (5 μin) or 1μm (50 μin)

Linear Gage LGD: Heavy-Duty, Digital/ABS Sensor

The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE LGD Linear Gage offers a resolution of 10μm/.0005”

Linear Gage LGS: General Purpose, Digital/ABS Sensor

The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE LGS Linear Gage offers a resolution of 10μm / .0005”

Linear Gage LGF: High Resolution

Linear Gage LGF with high resolution of 0.1μm (5 μin)

Linear Gage LGB2: High Resolution

Linear Gage LGB2 with high resolution of 0.1μm (5 μin)

Linear Gage LGH: High Resolution, High Accuracy

Linear Gage LGH with high resolution of 0.1μm (5 μin)

Laser Hologage LGH: High Resolution, High Accuracy

The LGH Laser Hologage is an ultra-high accuracy length measuring system with a 10mm measuring range

Mu-Checker Probes: Lever Head, General Purpose, LVDT Sensor

Lever head MU-Checker Probe offer interchangeable styli with a half bridge connection

Mu-Checker Probes: Slim/Cartridge, General Purpose, LVDT Sensor

Cartridge head Mu-Checker Probe provide plunger support in plain bearing or linear ball bearing


Analog/Digital electronic micrometer to configure a multi-point measurement system

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Our A2LA-accredited calibration lab offers the broadest scope of any commercial lab in the country, with masters calibrated directly at NIST.

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With service and support available through the lifecycle of your sensor system solutions, Mitutoyo is your true metrology partner.

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