Laser Hologage LGH: High Resolution, High Accuracy

The Mitutoyo LGH Laser Hologage is a high-end digital gaging system that employs the newest technologies to attain highly accurate and repeatable measurements. 

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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo LGH Laser Hologage offers an extremely accurate, ultra-high-resolution photoelectric reflective linear encoder (0.01 models) or ultra-high-resolution laser interference (0.005 models) which provides superior performance over its entire measuring range of 10mm. Includes excellent measuring stability which resists unfavorable environmental conditions, such as, air movement and atmospheric pressure changes.

  • Range: 10mm (.4”)
  • LGH/counter bundles have switchable resolutions of: 5nm/0.005μm* (.1 μin*), 0.01μm (.5 μin), 0.1μm (5 μin), 0.5μm (20 μin), 1μm (50 μin)
  • Low measuring force models are available (542-716A, 542-721A) for measuring easily deformed workpieces or delicate films
  • Measurement data can be stored and controlled by PC software.
  • High precision linear ball bearings are used in the spindle guide for smooth movement and exceptional durability
  • Every LGH series gage is bundled with a dedicated counter

              * 542-720A and 542-721A only

Accuracy: ±0.1µm
Bearing Type: Linear ball bearing
Connecting Cable: 2m
Contact Point: 901312
Stem Diameter: 15mm
Mass: 220g
Max Response Speed: 250mm/s
Measuring Range: 0.39" / 10mm
Position Detection Method: High accuracy transmission-type linear encoder
Repeatability: 0.2µm
Resolution: 0.0000005" / 0.5µin / 0.000005mm / 0.005µm
Retrace Error: 0.05µm
Storage Humidity Range: RH 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature Range: -10 to 60˚C
Provided with Inspection Certificate: Yes
Order No.: Product Image: Max Measuring Force Upward: Max Measuring Force Horizontal: Max Measuring Force Downward: Operating Humidity Condition Range: Operating Temperature Range: Remarks: Optional Accessories:
542-720A - 0.45N 0.55N 0.65N RH20 to 80% (no condensation) 0 to 40˚C - -
542-721A - - - 0.12N RH30 to 60% (no condensation) 15 to 25˚C Low measuring force -