Mu-Checker Probes: Lever Head, General Purpose, LVDT Sensor

The Mitutoyo lever head Mu-Checker probes are available in two types: pivoted stylus and and parallel translation types.

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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo lever head Mu-checker probes offer interchangeable styli with a half bridge connection.

  • Available in two types of stylus support: Pivot bearing and parallel-leaf spring 
  • Measuring range ±0.5 mm
  • A 2M cable is provided
  • Optional mounting brackets available


Connecting Cable: 2m
Connection: MAS-5100 (DIN5P)
Linearity: 0.3 ±
Main Body Assembly: Lever Head
Max Resolution: 0.000005" / 0.1µm
Min Resolution: 0.001" / 50µm
Measuring Range: ± 0.5 mm
Position Detection Method: Half-bridge LVDT
Output: Half-bridge
Order No.: Product Image: Bearing Type: Measuring Force: Resolution: Stroke: Remarks: Optional Accessories:
519-326 - Parallel-leaf spring 0.15N - ±0.6mm Parallel translation, cosine error-free -
519-327 - Pivot bearing 0.15N - ±0.65mm - -
519-521 - Pivot bearing 0.2N 0.000005" ±0.6mm - -
519-522 - Pivot bearing 0.02N 0.000005" ±0.6mm Low measuring force -