Quick Vision Active

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active measuring system produces highly accurate, fast non-contact 3D measurements in a compact machine at an affordable price point.

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Features & Benefits

The Quick Vision Active Vision Measuring System combines the flexibility of multiple high-quality interchangeable zoom lenses with a high-resolution, high-speed CMOS camera for accurate 3D touchless measurements. Its edge detection capability and functions of the measurement software, QVPAK, enables the Quick Vision Active to surpass the conventional image of a standard compact vision measurement model.

  • Automatic focus improves measurement throughput
  • The QV Active features a Z-axis stroke range of 150-200mm in a compact model CNC System
  • High-quality Mitutoyo developed zoom optics with interchangeable lenses provides workpiece measurement flexibility
  • An optional touch probe delivers pinpoint measurements for complex dimensions to supplement 3D, non-contact measurements
  • Programmable LED stage, coaxial and 4-quadrant ring light sources improves responsiveness and measurement throughput


Technology: CNC VMM
Scale Resolution: 0.0000039370" / 0.00010mm
Environment: 68°F
Camera Type: 3MP Color CMOS
Field of View: 0.0382 x 0.0303 - 0.5354 x 0.4252" / 0.97 x 0.77 - 13.6 x 10.8mm
Zoom Type: 8-Step Tube
Magnification: 13x - 183x
Illumination System: -
Touch Trigger Probe: Optional
Color Lighting: No
Optical 3D Scanning (PFF): No
Laser Tracking Autofocus (TAF): No
Vibration Stand: Optional
Order No.: Model: Range X-Axis: Range Y-Axis: Range Z-Axis: Workpiece Max Load: Mass (incl. stand and controller): Dimensions:
363-109-20 QV-L202Z1L-D 10" / 250mm 8" / 200mm 6" / 150mm 22lbs / 10kg 342lbs / 155kgs 30 x 22 x 33" (767 x 570 x 845mm)
363-110-20 QV-L404Z1L-D 16" / 400mm 16" / 400mm 8" / 200mm 44lbs / 20kg 714lbs / 324kgs 51 x 31 x 40" (1303 x 776 x 1004mm)