Quick Vision Hyper Pro

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Hyper Pro CNC vision measuring system is equipped with a high-resolution/high-accuracy scale for precise 3D measurements with an increased measurement throughput by about 40% compared with conventional models.

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Features & Benefits

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Hyper Pro CNC vision measuring system attains highly-efficient, top measurement in  performing 3D measurements. An updated camera, observation unit and lighting unit along with newly developed StrobeSnap function provides much faster measurements than previous models. The system accurately measures pitch, diameter, width and angle while performing surface analysis, cross-sectional dimensions, steps and contour matching measurements.

  • Strobesnap reduces measurement times for most measurement samples regardless of measurement position continuity by approximately 35 to 45%
  • Strobesnap is highly compatible with part programs, allowing you to create high-speed measurement part programs with simple operations
  • The optional Stream function realizes amazingly high throughput by non-stop measurement that synchronizes the main unit drive with the strobe lighting
  • Programmable Power Turret (PPT) uses three tube lens selection to provide three magnification levels with the same objective lens allowing a wide range of magnifications to support a variety of measurements
  • A Programmable Ring Light (PRL) allows for obliquity fine control and direction for optimal measurement illumination to enhance the edge of inclined surfaces and very small steps
  • Main frame structure has a fixed-bridge and a translation stage for independent X- and Y-axis movements to achieve high-accuracy
  • Pneumatic auto-leveling vibration isolator is provided as a standard structure for added stability of measurement
  • Standard temperature compensation offers higher accuracy in measurements
  • Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) tracks the contours of waves and warpage on the surface of the workpiece while maintaining high-speed stream mode
  • The accuracy of this model conforms to ISO10360-7:2011 (specifications on request)
Technology: CNC VMM
Scale Resolution: 0.0000007874" / 0.00002mm
Environment: 68°F / 20°C
Camera Type: B&W CMOS
Field of View: 0.0016 x 0.0012 - 0.4937 x 0.3701" / 0.04 x 0.03 - 12.54 x 9.4mm
Zoom Type: Internal Turret
Magnification: 16x - 4800x
Touch Trigger Probe: Optional
Color Lighting: Optional
Optical 3D Scanning (PFF): Optional
Laser Tracking Autofocus (TAF): Optional
Stream: Optional
Vibration Stand: Optional
Order No.: Model: Range X-Axis: Range Y-Axis: Range Z-Axis: Workpiece Max Load: Mass (incl. stand and controller): Dimensions:
363-605 QV-H302P1L-E (Hyper 302 Pro) 12" / 300mm 8" / 200mm 8" / 200mm 33lbs / 15kg 33lbs / 15kgs 37 x 34 x 41" (930 x 866 x 1047mm)
363-615 QV-H404P1L-E (Hyper 404 Pro) 16" / 400mm 16" / 400mm 10" / 250mm 66lbs / 30kg 66lbs / 30kgs 56 x 44 x 54" (1426 x 1118 x 1381mm)
363-625 QV-H606P1L-E (Hyper 606 Pro) 24" / 600mm 26" / 650mm 10" / 250mm 88lbs / 40kg 88lbs / 40kgs 79 x 55 x 62" (1994 x 1400 x 1572mm)